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The ordering process of book is wonderful. This is a book about food and weight loss. It is very tempting to listen to. The customer is very good, the first time I sent an inquiry in Ali, a simple sentence told me that I need to print a book, and the book is still being produced.

After asking the details, I sent the price to the customer's mailbox. After the customer saw it, I asked if I could do less. We hope to promote this cooperation, so we still cut the price. After a long time, I didn't receive a reply from the customer, and I didn't bother to ask every other week. In the hope that there was no hope, the customer found me at the end of the year and decided to start printing. Of course, customers want to look at the sample, we recommend digital printing to save costs, after consultation and approval. After the customer saw the digital sample, he quickly decided to start the big product, so the first order cooperation was very successful. Afterwards, customers have come out with different versions.

The customer is a very good person. Every time we will say each other's ideas, he is very willing to accept, because he always says "you are professional" and put us on a height. This sentence is very Heavy, making good products is the best gift we bring to our customers. E-books are very popular in recent years, 

but customers still like the feeling that they can touch. Although the orders are not as much as before, the friendship between us continues !

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