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"Green + light + intelligent "is a direction of paper packaging industry in the future


Packaging industry categories, covering a wide range of national economic classification is not an independent category, but distributed in a number of industries.Mainly involved in paper, plastic, glass and metal manufacturing and other industries.

Corrugated carton growth rate is significantly higher than the paper industry

From January to August 2015, the total output of the national corrugated box industry reached 28.2751 million tons, with a year-on-year growth of 6.33%.The main business income of the whole papermaking industry increased by 3.16% year on year.But the number of packaging paper production and sales is good, the reason is the rapid development of e-commerce.

1. Green and sustainable development

Green packaging is the selection of packaging materials, as far as possible to avoid or reduce packaging, as far as possible to the recycling of packaging materials for reuse, as far as possible to the packaging waste recycling or recycling into useful materials.Reduction (Reduce), repeat (Reuse), using a loop (Recyele) standard of 3 r, at the same time also stressed to achieve biodegradable packaging waste (Degradable).

2. Trend of lightweight packaging

Light weight, high strength is the development direction of packaging.In the past, cartons were about 150-200g per square meter or thicker.But now the quality of the carton with the same strength can be reduced to about 80G after the technology is improved.In the paper industry, the fastest development is the low gram weight high strength bovine leather case board paper;In the glass packaging industry, light weight, high strength is also a representative of advanced technology.Most German products are lightweight.

3. Carrier of beauty and culture

With the increasing demand of consumers for beauty, more and more white cowhide cartons can adapt to color printing.The printed patterns on the packaging play an important role in promoting the products.

4. Promote interaction with the industry

The packaging industry is at its most active stage of development.The innovative development of the packaging industry has boosted the development of other industries.The packing and the object to be packed promote each other.The improvement and promotion of packaging is an important starting point for mass entrepreneurship.

5. Meet the requirements of intelligence

In the age of Internet, all industries are working towards "Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025".Some advanced technologies are already in use in China.As the packaging of products, it is also necessary to match the overall "intelligent manufacturing" to meet the requirements of intelligence.

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