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Green Packaging


Green packaging includes two aspects of environmental protection and resource regeneration, with the characteristics of material saving, rational use of materials, recycling and reproduction.Packaging designed for environmental protection, according to the previous thinking mode is far from enough, it must be production, life, resources and other multi-level thinking behavior.


No packaging, of course, no pollution, so no packaging is the best way to deal with waste.For example: food with vegetables, fruits for example, in addition to tomato, peach, strawberry, 90% of vegetables, fruits do not need to sell packaging, so help to maintain the nutrition of vegetables, fruits and fresh.In addition, for commodities with high product strength, only labels such as product name, place of origin, price, etc., should be affixed to the product and placed in the box, without individual packaging at all. Such unpackaged treatment can save resources and reduce costs, which is worth advocating.

Package quantification:

In today's commodities, more than 20% of the space volume ratio of packaging accounts for half of the total amount. Such packaging is mostly used in health care products and cosmetics, with large contents and small contents, which makes consumers complain after purchase and brings about negative impact on the increasingly intensified environmental problems.Therefore, as a designer for green packaging action, should try to make the packaging small quantitative.

Packaging reduction:

Due to the limited strength of some products, it is necessary to use foamed plastic as buffer packaging material. The packaging design of such products should consider reducing the amount of foamed plastic, so as to reduce the amount of foamed plastic as far as possible on the premise of protecting the goods.Under the condition that the quality of the package is not affected at all, the over-decorated, multi-level package should also be reduced.

For example: gift box is now more and more gorgeous, large box set a small box, a small box to set the inner packing of multi-layer packaging, is short-term gain the favor of consumers, but in the long run, huge waste of resources is bad for human, for packaging designers, not only is good for people to design, and should act to packaging.

Material disintegration."

If the packaging materials are combined with more than two kinds of materials, the most common way is to use the linker, which is not easy to disassemble after the combination and not easy to recycle.In order to decompose and distinguish the packaging easily, the design of material disintegration should rely on the design technology to improve the ease of dismantling the packaging composite.The process of waste separation and disintegration is mostly from outside to inside and from top to bottom.The joints of various materials should be easily identified in the design, and a few or simple tools are considered to be able to carry out the disintegration operation, which is an effective means for the recycling treatment of packaging waste.

Combination of packaging and products:

Packaging and product into one, so that the packaging becomes a part of the product, do not have packaging waste generation, designers should consider one of the forms of packaging.For example, the packaging of stationery makes it a stationery box, which can be used for a longer period of time. The commonly used set tools use recycled plastic boxes as the packaging, which can be permanently retained with the tools.For the product, rational integrated design, packaging will not have waste problems.

Reuse of containers:

Glass containers can be used for some liquid packaging, which is conducive to the complete recycling of resources. The recycling potential of glass packaging is very great, and the combination of using glass containers and increasing recycling is an effective measure.In addition, the packaging design of main packaging container and supplementary package is another embodiment of container reuse.For example, the iron hard container is used as the main container for milk powder, and a simple supplementary bag is designed as the filling product, so the main package can be used for many times, which is conducive to the reduction of packaging waste.

Optimization of packaging materials:

Try to use recycled materials in packaging design.At present, the recycled materials used in the world are mostly recycled paper, recycled cardboard boxes made of waste paper recycling, molded pulp, bee pulp board and paper tubes, etc., these recyclable materials can generally be used for packaging internal buffer materials or external packaging materials.Many countries are actively developing technology of plant-based packaging materials.For example, using plants or crops such as corn, sundry millet, broomcorn millet as raw materials, plastic packaging materials made by biological or light decomposition technology, or plant-based packaging materials made from cereals.The use of plants generally does not harm the environment, the ecological balance or the maintenance of resources.

At present, the international requirements for packaging 4R: reduce the amount of materials, increase the amount of refilling in large containers, recycling, energy regeneration, and the establishment of a green packaging system has become the REQUIREMENTS of the WTO.We must keep up with The Times and create a new green environment for the packaging world.

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