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Have you guessed the new trend of printing and packaging design in the future?


Paper Packaging is the product of industrialization and social and economic development. It is a marketing packaging designed to meet the market, guide consumption, and satisfy people's material and aesthetic needs for goods.

No.1: Design medium and strong contrasting colors

From 2018 a lot of packaging design are actually using the contrast color design direction, the trend is mainly use bold strong contrast color, to exaggerated outstanding product key,Take round hat boxes  as an example, you can see as nutrition express new packaging and wang ji's packaging design are used to bump color of color, this color can produce a strong contrast, so as to highlight the impact of packaging on the display effect.

NO.2: Asymmetric design

We often use symmetry in design, symmetry is relatively stable.In the future design we will use some geometric or 3D rendering to design, but this kind of design is relatively casual and clever.So the design will be better to render out the packaging of this lively atmosphere.

No.3: Gradient design

In the past two years, gradient color has been applied a lot in the design. In fact, it is designed in combination with the trend of the Internet. In the traditional field of packaging, gradient color can make the product look imaginative, which is also a good design direction.

NO.4: Large font layout

Through the use of large font typography design, the typographic effect of the large font can better highlight the core keywords of the product itself, and make the product can be fully designed, and then with the simplified background and font elements, can clearly contrast the selling points of the product.

NO.5: Minimalist design

Change numerous for brief, as far as possible to add more product information on the packaging, although can be very good to show the characteristics of the product, but easy to confuse the dazzling, primary and secondary designers through the simplified way of packaging design, makes the product more highlight logo, thus to maximize product promotion.

No.6: Application of illustration design

Brands are also increasingly looking for energetic and stylizing illustrations to reflect their brand tonality. Unique illustrations and bold colors will make you stand out from a crowd of collage masters.Illustration has permeated most of the design field, of course, illustration is also popular in the field of packaging design.

NO.7: Unique styling packaging

At present, there are more and more different shapes of packaging boxes on the market to attract consumers, which is a good business opportunity for many enterprises.To break out of the traditional container changes, rather than a conventional shape.Such containers first appeared in some high-end cosmetics, such as perfume container design, mostly with the unique shape of the bottle to reflect its unique taste, so that successful sales.

No.8: Packaging layout design method

Common format 1: main body in charge

This is a kind of commonly used and practical design. The product or the graph that can reflect the product's attributes is taken as the main body and placed in the center of the whole vision to produce a strong visual impact. For example, the following works:

Common format 2: color block boundary

A large color block is used to divide the picture into several parts. One part of the color block is used as the main visual, while the other part is either filled with product information or added design elements as decoration.

Common format 3: Surround type

Put the main text information on the package in the middle and surround it with numerous picture elements to highlight the text information.

Common format 4: local format

A single packaging screen only shows a part of the main body graphics, single combined is a new graphics, let a person have a lot of imagination space.

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