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Kraft Paper Shopping Bag

Do you know "KRAFT" ? It is a big international brand and same time the second largest purchasing company in Australia.
They placed a trial order of paper shopping bag with our company due to our cheap price. They were quite satisfied after receiving our goods.They didn't expect the quality so good at that low price.Then they placed another order of bag soon.
At the same time , they were looking for a paper packaging box and some items about kitchen supplies such as heat resistant gloves. We are paper packaging factory, we can do packaging box but did not do heat resistant gloves.We try to help them find a factory and help to following up all the process.That won them a lot of trust, and I remember it was the end of 2011, and they placed a big order, and it took us almost four months to finish the first shipment.
We believe that "Quality come the first", to improve product quality is the key to keep the leading place in the market competence.Always be prepared. Opportunities are always available to those who are prepared

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