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Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box

Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box

Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box

Artwork format
Magnet, ribbon, EVA form, plastic tray, sponge, PVC/PET/PP window,…
Gift packing, promotion, supermarket, storage, for wine, cigar, food, cosmetic, consumer electronic products and other gifts and premiums.
Quality Control
Material, semi-finished product, finished product.
Delivery Time
10-20 days after confirm artwork and payment, it is according to different products and quantity and countries port by ocean or air.
Sample time
3-14  days after confirm artwork and payment according to different products.
Shipping Port
Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Hongkong Port
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Application Scope
Liyang's custom gift boxes can be used in different industries to meet the needs of customers.Liyang insists on providing customers with comprehensive solutions based on their actual needs, so as to help them achieve long-term success.We guarantee that all of our products can meet the with strict QC procedure strictly conducted.
Company Advantages
1. custom cosmetic boxes materials are used in Dongguan Liyang Paper Products Co., Ltd's cosmetic gift box manufacturing.
2. This product is known for its moisture resistance, which protects it from dynamic, static and climatic influences and makes it suitable for a wet environment.
3. Perfect quality of cosmetic gift box is Dongguan Liyang Paper Products Co., Ltd's commitment to every customer.
4. The product is bound to have a bright application prospect in the industry.


Art paper(128gsm, 157gsm,200gsm , 210gsm ,230gsm etc... )

Texture paper (100gsm, 110gsm, 120gsm, 150gsm etc …)

White / Brown kraft paper (80gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm,140gsm,150gsm…)

Grey/Rigid board(600gsm,800gsm, 900 gsm,1000gsm,1200gsm
1200gsm,1400gsm,1500gsm,1600gsm, 1800gsm, …)


Offset printing, Digital printing, Silk printing, UV Printing , both sides printing ,one side printing …

Surface disposal

Varnishing, glossy lamination, matte lamination, gold/silver hot stamping,
embossing, UV coating, foil stamping, flocking, hologram effect….

Artwork format



Magnet, ribbon, EVA form , plastic tray, sponge, PVC/PET/PP window,…


Gift packing, promotion, supermarket, storage, for wine, cigar, food, cosmetic,
consumer electronic products and other gifts and premiums.

Quality Control

Material, semi-finished product , finished product.

Delivery Time
For bulk production

10-46 days after confirm artwork and payment , it is according to different products and quantity and countries port by ocean or air.

Sample time

3-14  days after confirm artwork and payment according to different products.

Shipping Port

Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Hongkong Port

❈ Product description

About our product

Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box

Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-1
Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-2

Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-3Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-4

❈ Product Parameters

Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-5

【Material:】157gsm art paper and 1200gsm greyboard paper
【Style:】Box with base and lid
【Colour:】CMYK Printing
【Printing:】Offset Printing
【Usage:】Cosmetic, Clothes, Scarf, Underware
【Surface handling:】Matte Lamination

❈ Quality Control

Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-6

Colour Match
Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-7

Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-8

Inspected Surface Finish

Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-9

Inspected Quality
Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-10

Good Packing
Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-11

Count Quantity

❈ Product service

Lid and Base CMYK Printing Logo Cosmetic Makeup Paper Packing Box-12

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Company Features
1. Dongguan Liyang Paper Products Co., Ltd is a production oriented company equipped with advanced technologies.
2. Dongguan Liyang Paper Products Co., Ltd has expanded the influence of its custom cosmetic boxes in cosmetic gift box industry.
3. Always following the market trends, the company aims at providing customers and potential consumers with all-around services such as custom-made products. Please contact. We're a professional cosmetic paper box provider who plans to earn a wonderful influence in this market. Please contact. Dongguan Liyang Paper Products Co., Ltd makes every attempt to create products which fulfill client requirements. Please contact.
Love it
I purchased the set of 10 brushes. Pleasantly surprised about the quality considering the price! That being said, the only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because one of the brushes I received looks like it is missing some fibers or it was damaged. Also it would have been nice to receive the brushes in a box to avoid getting damaged. It was sent in plastic bags in an envelope. Other than that, the brushes are great and apply my make up flawlessy.
For the price, the product was pretty good. I wouldn't expect too much fro these. Don't expect them to be just like the real ones. These are definitely dupes and you can tell. They don't blend very well, the bigger one does for foundations but thats about it. I have to have a nice grip on the top part of the brush or else if I hold on to the actual handle I'm afraid it'll snap off. Mine came in perfectly with no scratches, broken brushes or anything. The brushes were very soft. I'd recommend these for just starting out with makeup.
Awesome, worked like a charm. Had the adapter for my 2006 Honda Civic coupe.
They worked great.
works perfectly
Already streaking after 2 months and didn't come with rain x packets like others I've bought
I've purchased rain-x wipers before and they don't fail .. you get what you pay for and these get the job done.
These things work great. They're rated extremely well by a leading product rating magazine, that's what inspired me to buy them. Outside that, they're wiper blades. They need to be replaced every year. I didn't give five stars because they actually do wear out. It's 2014, you'd think they'd come out with wiper blades that never need replacing. Or at least replace themselves. Or maybe have some kind of indicator when they need to be replaced, like when the colored bristles on your toothbrush turn white or something. I'd settle for that.
Fairly easy to open packaging. The wiper does the job.
These came as described, great for winter, snow, ice, & rain! Quick ship
doesnt fit my car
A great item at a great price. Totally worth the wait to save the money and have it shipped through Amazon. Skip the Bosch and get the Rain-X Latitude instead.
Wipes my windshield clear. Amazing how that works. Also amazing how the one I had on my car DIDN'T, so this is nice
Good produt, good seller. OK!
As expected.
The product is fine, but the price is not, unless you live on Mars, or at least too far away from a local dealer. These fit fine on a Mercedes 300E, and the exact wiper replacement was available, and installed for free (but I did tip the installer) at PepBoys Auto.
Great wipers, last a full year with little cleaning occasionally.
Great blades! Happy with results
installed them on a '03 acura tl and they work amazingly well. smooth, quiet, and no water left behind. I'll just have to see how long they last.
These are the best windshield wipers I have ever used and continually purchase them for all of my vehicles. When I saw that these were on sale I couldn't help but stock up! They work great in the rain producing a streak free wipe. Durability wise, they usually last about a year in the Florida sun which I am fine with. Overall I would recommend these for anyone!
Raining today.. but I didn't need to drive. I'm giving this a 3 right off the bat because it came missing the Pinch Tab Button adapter was not included, even though clearly stated that all universal adapters were supposed to be included. I went to the nearest Walmart to investigate, and that's exactly what each rainx wiper blade included.. Will update as time goes on and improve the score if it's phenomenal OR drop it if it doesn't work out as well as I wanted.
This is an excellent product that I used for the first time on my 2004 Acura TL. They blades are some form of synthetic material and are the smoothest and quietest that I have used. The Bosch Icon is also an excellent blade, but I would rate these a bit better. The only negative to the blade I can find is that it lacks a plastic cover for the hook attachment that the Icon has. This is purely aesthetic, but a nice touch. Besides that, these were easy to install and a surprisingly great find.
As we head into Meijers on a search for wipers, we come across a Buy One get The Second 50% Off. The Rain•X Latitude Water Repellent blades. My girlfriend was so excited, to put wipers on her car that will actually work, we rush out and do it directly in the middle of the parking lot. As we're putting them on, it was an easy process. Once they were on, we thought they were unique with the neon yellow "wiper blades"... she quickly gets into her car, to use the blades. When suddenly the blades just smear the wiper fluid all around. It made her angry, as she demanded i, her boyfriend, to dig through meijers trash to find her old wipers to compare them, she realizes the Rain•X blades still had the plastic covering on it. We take the plastic off, and the wipers are amazing! A great price, a great product and a great laugh. Much recommended.
Bought these a while back in the 19" size for my 95 grand am. One thing with this style car (GM N-body platform) and beam blade wipers is they don't contact the far right of the windshield due to the curves of the window but that's not a huge deal and its not the wiper blades fault. However I installed these rather easily and they worked good for a while but during a normal monthly inspection the blade became disconnected from the mounting base. I snapped it back into place with a click so I knew it was in there. A few weeks later I was doing 65 in a light rain and as the wiper went up the blade disconnected again and away it went. I got it back & reconnected it with no more issues of that to date (6 months or so). Now one of the end caps fell off at an unknown time and I have to push the blade back into the beam after I use it so after about 8 months its time to replace them. Now the worst part about it is I work at a medium sized Detailing shop and see many many cars come through every week. Lots of them have these blades on them and I have seen at least a hand full with either one of the problems I have if not both. If you replace your blades frequently these are great but the once a year trick doesn't cut it.
Way outperformed OEM Prius wipers but quickly became sticks that just smeared the water droplets around. Bought in 2011, still using them in 2016 so they haven't horribly degraded or I would've replaced them by now. There's an in-depth article on these on Wirecutter and I'll be trying Bosch Icon this time around.
These were advertised as fitting my 08 Ford Escape and they were a great deal so I bought them. When I tried to install I could not figure out how either of the 2 adapters would allow me to attach them even though Amazon and rainx's own site said they were compatible. It turns out the 20" blade sold by fruit(something,can't remember exactly) is not the one currently being sold by rainx that has the third adapter which many newer models take. Im not sure about the other sizes but the 20"blades are definitely out of date with the compatibility info on this site. What a pain in the A#$ this has been!
I have used these for years on a couple of vehicles and they work great. Why others are saying they don't is probably because they are installing them wrong, or abusing them some way.
Better than most, and a much better deal that if bought at your auto parts store... but as I kid, I remember blades lasting over a year sometimes, and getting a set for under 5 bucks. Now... they are $20-30 EACH and you're lucky to get 6 months. They all do this, and these have been better than most, it just seems there is some kind of conspiracy going on here.
These are the only blades for our cars, replaced annually with headlamps as part of normal maintenance before winter. We are on our 4th set each for our cars and with the exception of one temporary Michelin set (which lasted 3 weeks as a test), we will stick with the Latitude for highway speeds and best, EVEN pressure across the blade for complete clarity.
I just started using Rain-X blades. A friend of mine had suggested them. So far I really like them. I honestly thought most wiper blades were all the same, not so. Rain-X does not leave any streaks and they do well in just a few sprinkles and in a downpour.
I had bought some knock off beauty blender sponges, to finally get on that train, but then my husband surprised me by talking to a makeup artist and buying me these brushes. They are definitely odd-looking, but I found them to be very easy to use. No real special techniques. I watched a bunch of youtube videos first, and the consensus is that the bigger brushes are great, the medium-to small are great for concealor, and the really small brushes are somewhat useless, but I have been using them too. Also, if you get the version that tells you what each brush is for -- ignore the labels. Use them however you want to use them! I ended up returning my beauty blender sponges, unused, because I felt like these brushes do everything I need them to, so why have extra stuff!
Dense hair, doesn't seem to shed. Soft!
Almost professional quality! I really love these brushes, they apply makup almost flawlessly
Only had it for a week and I love it. Only thing is the powder brush is awkward to use because the bristles are dense and I am use to swiping powered with a traditional powder brush lightly over my face, whereas this powder brush I have to pat or I worry I will just wipe off my foundation
Love them but one handle already broke off.
Bought the Rose Gold ones as a gift and one of the brushes' handles came out scratched.
One of the brushes broke within a month of using it! Super disappointed.
I loved these brushes but like the other reviews warn you.... be careful because they will snap right at the base of the actual brush. Only two of mine have but other than that I would most definitely purchase these again if I needed to.
I would have liked the handle to be a little more sturdy.
Cheap and flimsy
These brushes came the next day very convenient but they are a little small the brands name isn't on it either lastly their soft and great.
The handles are good to hold but the thinner it gets toward the actual brush doesn't feel very secure and doesn't allow the brush to move where I like it so I end up holding the thinner part of the handle very close to the brush head.
Brushes themselves are wonderful but the handle just recently snapped off of the big powder brush.
Got the two sets I bought today and realized they are flimsy and not worth the price! I tried putting power on and look what happened? The plastic has a chalk-like consisteny... not durable at all. VERY DISAPPOINTED, as one set was meant as a gift :( UPDATE-- THE COMPANY SENT ME A WHOLE NEW SET ON RUSH ORDER. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.
These brushes are shorter than I expected, but they're super soft.
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