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Luxury Gift Box

This is a box named by the customer with its own company logo. It is a simple gift box, but it is not easy to work.

This is an inadvertent inquiry on the past experience, the transaction rate of this inquiry is not high. At that time, I didn't know why, but I was particularly careful. The customer told me that she only considered the market price first, and the design had not yet come out. At that time, I didn't want to blurt out: I can do simple designs for her in free. You can send me your logo. I will help you with several different schemes. She was very happy to hear this and will reply immediately. She gave me final chooce to me on next day. In this way, under she didn’t pay the sample fee, the design fee, no make the order, and no quote price, I made this decision boldly. I just wanted to be able to deal with one idea.

I spent a half day in my free time. After completing the design artwork, I send it to the customer to decision which program she like. What I didn’t expect is that she actually took orders of me and changed it. In this way, I changed it back and forth for half a month before I confirmed the final. At this point, the customer only asked me for a quote. I didn't expect the customer to be very refreshed and the price was not discussed. Just confirm the order! Of course this is related to my own efforts, and I am very pleased that I did that.

After she received the goods, she wrote an email to me saying how beautiful the box is and how perfect it is. I thought the story ended. I didn't expect the customer to give me an unexpected surprise. I suddenly received a cake shop one day. The phone, asked me the specific address, and said to send me a cake, I was slow at the time, because there is no birthday in our family, I doubt it is a scam call, hanging a few times, the cake shop still insists Give me a tireless call, ok, I asked who ordered the cake there, and the store said the customer’s name. I was shocked at the time, and I ordered cakes from across the country. The mood at the time did not know what language to use until now.

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