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Talking About Zongzi and Paper Packaging


Eating zongzi at Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional custom of the Dragon Boat Festival.Zongzi, traditional Chinese rice-pudding , making by rice and all kind of stuffing and reed leaves.Zongzi is kind of tribute which used to worship gods and ancestors during festivalsBecause of the different diet habits around, zongzi formed the north and south flavor;From the taste, zongzi have salty zongzi and sweet zongzi two categories.

Dragon Boat Festival eating zongzi custom, thousands of years of popular in China, has become the biggest influence of the Chinese nation, the most extensive coverage of one of the folk food customs, and spread to Korea, Japan and southeast Asian countries.

Nowadays, zongzi is more widely used as a delicacy.It can be eaten in all seasons.Many people take zongzi as a gift , a special local product packaging with beautiful paper box & gift box give to friends, colleagues, and family members.

Many manufacturers packaging their zongzi with different kinds of boxes, such as corrugate box with handle, cardboard paper gift box, paper bag, gift bag and so on.

Zongzi is not only a delicacy, but also a symbol of traditional Chinese culture.

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