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What is Hard Paper Box with Lid and Base


This patent-pending Evolution carton, unlike the ordinary outside wrapped in a soft package, uses a printed one-sided coated paperboard. Using the company's patented technology, the cardboard is glued to the sculpted reinforcing cardboard. The four sides of the box are glued to the bottom of the box to form a strong, durable carton. According to the company, because single-sided coated paper jams are stronger than normal paper, these boxes can withstand deeper embossing patterns and produce a more vivid appearance. At the same time, it also more effectively masks the rough surface of cardboard. The cardboard's smooth printing surface supports graphic and UV lithography, matte, semi-matte and matte finishes, and hot embossing and other highly demanding processing techniques. The compact straight outline of the box makes it suitable for cosmetics and other consumer products. The carton is a two-piece structure with a box body and a lid, which are available in different sizes and have square and rectangular shapes. It can also be combined with Klearfold's plastic sleeves for window-opening carton packs. 

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